Private Sector



Pre-Development Phase

Artemel & Associates Inc. carries out pre-development analyses and takes the project through the planning and project approval phases. Our professional staff will:

  • Analyze your site in the context of the local market and context for development
  • Assess what is realistic and most profitable
  • Negotiate with local jurisdiction staffs and neighboring civic groups
  • Help you increase the value of the site or development project
  • Save you time and money while increasing the certainty of approval
  • Site selection and location analysis
  • Regulatory and physical constraints
  • Pre-Development Phase
  • Development feasibility
  • Development programming
  • Coordinating the consultant team


Site and Project Planning

  • Site layout and alternative development plans
  • Sustainability planning
  • Transit-oriented development principles
  • LEED for Neighborhood Development
  • Transportation planning


  • Representing the project in discussions with local government staff
  • Public involvement strategy
  • Coordinating community meetings
  • Negotiation and consensus building
  • Expert testimony


Market, Economic, and Feasibility Analysis

  • Demand for the project type (residential, office, hotel, conference center, retail, museum)
  • Project programming – unit type and mix, mix of uses, square footage of each use, price points
  • Competitive analysis – what is in the pipeline or proposed that may compete with the project
  • Economic benefits of the project

Client List (Partial)

Jaguar Development Co
Armed Forces Benefit Association
Cold War Museum
AJ. Dwoskin & Co.
Erkiletian Construction Co.
K. Hovnanian Co.
Braddock Metro Place Investors LLC
American Wartime Museum
 Virginia Paving Company
Carr Hospitality
Eisenhower Partnership
Virginia Commerce Bank
Diocese of Arlington
Potomac Party Cruises
Ecco Restaurant
Shirlington Cuisine